Temporary Text Typing Tool.

A simple text area that runs inside the browser. It does not transmit any of your input to the outside world.

  • Fast startup
  • Just press "t" repeatedly to start
  • Do not send your input to an external server
  • Markdown support
  • Presentation Mode

What features

Markdown Support

Markdown is supported by default. To see the real-time preview, press Ctrl + M.

No external server transfer

The data entered is not sent to an external server, so it is safe to use.

Presentation Mode

Presentation mode is supported, activated by Ctrl + I shortcut. (coming soon...)

Fast startup

It does not contain any login functions or processes that communicate with external servers, so startup is fast.

LocalStorage Archive

Data over a certain size is archived to local storage. This provides security in case of accidental deletion. However, there is always a blank page at startup. (coming soon...)

No need to bookmark.

To activate it, just hit t repeatedly and press Enter. It is faster than traversing bookmarks and can be launched from the browser at high speed even when you are in a hurry.